used cooking oil

Collection of used cooking oil
from restaurants & the food industry

Waste cooking oil is generated every day. However, used cooking oil must not be disposed of with regular waste – plus, it is an important raw material for producing “green fuel”. BIO OIL Group owns certified used cooking oil disposal companies which are collecting and processing this valuable resource.

Since 2007, we have constantly been expanding our collection network and our portfolio within the restaurant service and used cooking oil recycling industries. With facilities in Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Egypt, we ensure sustainable recycling of used cooking oil as a raw material in these countries and play an important part in safeguarding the environment. Providing restaurants and the food industry with fresh cooking oil, complements our value chain.

This way, we follow the cradle-to-cradle principle and contribute to a sustainable and responsible development by extending the life cycle of raw materials.

Our regional facilities enable us to create value within various countries and to adapt to specific requirements. By cooperating with local partners, we are able to offer a wide range of services and support our customers in the best possible way.


BIO OIL Group produces
biodiesel from 100% used cooking oil.

Up to 195,000 tons of sustainable UCOME (used cooking oil methyl ester) certified according to ISCC regulations are produced by the BIO OIL Group based on stringent quality criteria in line with EN 14214 in four biodiesel plants – capacity will be increased to 343,000 tons in 2021.

From used cooking oil to biodiesel in 3 steps

Step 1:
Examination & Treatment

The collected used cooking oil is examined in the laboratory, treated & blended in the facility, and then filtered to remove impurities.

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Bio Oil Group operates five treatment plants in which the collected used cooking oil is treated for further processing in biodiesel plants. Due to the geographic location of these plants (Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Serbia), it is possible to treat the collection quantities of the Group for its biodiesel production plants in the regions and to minimize logistics expenses as a result.

Both thermal and mechanical processes are applied to empty the receptacles and purify the used cooking oil in order to ensure that the required quality parameters are observed. The bypass flows incurred thereby, are recycled as part of a sustainable economy and are used in thermal and energy-related sectors.

Every year, over 35,000 tons of used cooking oil are processed and recycled this way by the BIO OIL Group for producing biofuels.

Step 2:

After treatment, the purified used cooking oil is being esterified in a second step by applying chemical reaction processes.

Step 3:
Transesterification & Monitoring

The third step is the most crucial part of the biodiesel production. The final transformation of used cooking oil to biodiesel is taking place here. The product is then subjected to stringent quality assurance checks.

Advantages of biodiesel produced from waste

Picture of benefit - Product in demand
Product in demand
as waste-based biodiesel is a future market demonstrating continuous growth.
Picture of benefit - Can be ideally blended
Can be ideally blended
with mineral diesel – in any ratio.
Picture of benefit - Sustainable alternative
Sustainable alternative
as an environmentally-friendly replacement to mineral diesel.
Picture of benefit - Protects resources
Protects resources
as waste-based biodiesel does not compete for resources used for cultivating food crops.
Picture of benefit - Reduces emissions
Reduces emissions
such as soot, particle emissions, as well as HC and CO2 emissions in exhaust fumes.
Picture of benefit - It is not a hazardous product
It is not a hazardous product
but is a biodegradable biofuel.
Picture of benefit - Creates value within the region
Creates value within the region
as collection and treatment takes place regionally.
Picture of benefit - Protects the environment
Protects the environment
by collecting used cooking oil and recycling it appropriately.
Waste-based biodiesel
for blending with mineral diesel

The majority of the waste-based biodiesel produced by BIO OIL Group is delivered to customers who use our sustainable biofuel for blending.
Sustainability is always the primary objective for us – from quality assurance to reducing CO2 emissions.

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Monitoring energy consumption in Europe as well as increased use of energy from renewable sources are, together with energy savings and improved energy efficiency, fundamental parts of the bundle of measures set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to observe the Kyoto Protocol as part of the framework agreement from the UN on climate change and other social and international obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2012.

Biogenic fuels currently represent the largest proportion of renewarble energies within the transport sector. Demand for biogenic fuels will continue to increase in line with European Union climate protection targets.

If biogenic fuels are produced and put into circulation then certain standards are required that should safeguard ecological, economic, and social development

These should primarily ensure greater transparency of goods flows, which in turn safeguards traceability.

For this reason, the Bio Oil Group stringently adheres to RED (Renewable Energy Directive) guidelines. In order to ensure compliance with the guidelines, the Bio Oil Group is certified under the ISCC system (international sustainability and carbon certification). Certification focuses on delivery chains and value creation chains, which enable the company to cover all necessary sectors.

Adherence to the KVO (Kraftstoffverordnung – Fuel Directive), the ILUC directive (Indirect Land Use Change) and the FQD (Fuel Quality Directive) ensure that this work process covers what is used as a control element to reduce emissions.

The stipulations of the EN 14214 standard are faithfully followed for quality assurance within production.

as a hub for trading with used cooking oil

BIO OIL Group obtains its used cooking oil in large quantities from its own collection network in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. In addition, we are also a partner of European and international collectors and traders in used cooking oil.

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BIO OIL Group has been internationally active for several years and has a network of branches in several European countries. We are at the very source of the used cooking oil trade as a partner of used cooking oil collectors, refining companies, and biodiesel producers. We are a powerful, reliable financing and trading partner, and are therefore a hub for trading with used cooking oils in Europe.